The End.

Here we are, my friends. It’s been four years since I’ve returned to Saudi Arabia. And four years since I started telling the world about my life. Four years of opening myself up, of showing you all my insides and surprising myself with how human I am. Four years of learning and growing and blossoming.

After these four years, I finally can say, after all I’ve been through with my experience and my life in Saudi, that I feel like me again. I finally feel like I want to move on with my life. I can finally say that with all its ups and downs, I love my life and all the mess that comes with it. I can finally say finally.

Over the past four years I’ve had times when I questioned whether or not to continue the blog, but I always felt like I wasn’t finished and that I had more to say. But I don’t feel that way anymore. My journey continues, but I am not the same woman living in the same situation I was when this blog started. So this feels like a good place to end this particular blogging journey.

The blog will still be here, but everything will be set to private except for this post. You can still follow me on social media if you’d like to keep in touch, but (as hard as this is for me), I won’t be answering anymore “help me with my Saudi” emails.

Before you ask…yes, I am okay. Life is good. I am happy. I don’t know what the future holds for me in Saudi Arabia, but I’ve somehow managed to beat the odds and carve out a mostly peaceful little space for myself here. This is probably the part of the world where I will settle down and remarry and grow old, and I’m not mad about that anymore.

I will eternally appreciate the incredible support and love I have received from friends, family, and strangers from all over the world. Thank you all for being here with me. I sincerely love every single one of you.

My wish for everyone reading: May you find the space in this world to be unapologetically, unashamedly yourselves, just as I have. If I can do it in Saudi Arabia, you can find a way too.

Masalama 🙂