*New* Comment Policy

What I love most about my blog is the active comments sections! I love interacting with my readers, hearing your thoughts and opinions, and getting to know everyone.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to comment here, but please mind your manners and take note of the rules:

All first time comments, or those who have commented before but have signed in with a new or different screen name, will go through automatic moderation and approval is determined by me, the blog owner.

Please do not post multiple comments while your comment is awaiting moderation. It’s annoying. I promise, I will get to your first one 🙂

I welcome almost all comments, even those that do not agree with me or others in the discussion. Everyone is welcome and free to respectfully share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and experiences on my blog, with the following exceptions.

If your comment is abusive to me or any other participant in the discussion you are taking part in, I will delete it and you will be banned.

If your comment has been copy/pasted from elsewhere on the internet, I will delete it and all further comments of yours will be moderated.

If your comment includes excessive links, it will automatically go to the spam folder. It may take me a few days to get to it and decide if it’s legit or not.

If you are a woman seeking advice on your personal situation and have revealed details that could identify you (Name, age, location, name of your Saudi boyfriend, etc) I will politely delete your comment and email you personally.

If you are a man seeking a girlfriend, bride, or any other sort of relationship and you leave your phone number or email address, I will delete it. This is not a dating site.

Thank you, and happy commenting!



6 thoughts on “*New* Comment Policy

  1. My daughter is dating a guy from Saudi, he is very sweet and generous and treats her well. He has been going to school here for the past 3 years and has a couple years left. He plans to stay and has told her he donsen’t want to go back to live in Saudi but will visit his family. The relationship seems to be getting serious. I have been reading and researching how Saudi men treat their wives, needless to say I am worried. Do you have an opinion on this?

    Thank you

    • I know that as a mother you will always worry…it’s your job 🙂 But if this man has been treating your daughter right for the past 3 years and you don’t see any underlying red flags then I’d say he’s a good man. In my experience, Saudi-nonSaudi relationships fail to work because of cultural/religious issues, not because of the way Saudi men treat their women. Saudi men are like men all over the world…there are good men and bad men everywhere.

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