A Night at The Ritz

Last week I was invited once again to the Ritz Carlton, this time to experience their new Flavours of Sardinia promotion at Azzuro Restaurant. Having experienced the amazing service and beautiful atmosphere of the Ritz several times before, it was an offer I couldn’t turn down.

From the moment my friend and I pulled up to the front gate of the Ritz we both felt like royalty. The valet parked our car, saving us from walking through the brutally cold wind, and after a quick security check, we entered the breathtaking lobby.


We were escorted to Azzuro and were greeted warmly by the restaurant staff. We chose a seat near the pool for a romantic, luxurious view that simply cannot be beat.


Within seconds of being seated, we were served Italian spring water as well as a selection of fresh Italian breads along with olive tapenade and olive oil.


While enjoying the breads (The sundried tomato was amazing! We even asked for seconds.), the chef came to our table to greet us and describe the evening’s menu offerings. I was admittedly nervous because my brain had not made the obvious connection between Sardinia and seafood–and I am firmly anti-seafood. But I decided that since this was a special experience that I’d be a grownup and try the Chef’s creations.

We settled in with our Passion cocktails and waited for our five course meal to begin.

Our first course was a salmon mousse with raw salmon and fig chutney. I’ve already admitted that I’m not a seafood fan, but considering that I don’t like salmon, I found the mousse to be surprisingly tasty when coupled with the fig chutney. My guest absolutely raved about it, however, so if you’re a fan of salmon, the mousse comes highly recommended.

Next we were served a mixed seafood soup. The soup itself was a rich tomato sauce which was incredibly warming and comforting considering the chilly turn of Riyadh’s weather. The portion seafood, a mix of fish, shrimp, muscles, and more, was generous, and again…although I claim to not like seafood, I loved the soup. I was so into eating it that I forgot to take a picture, of course.

After the soup course we were presented with a generous helping of linguine with artichokes and a special kind of caviar. I absolutely loved this dish! I’d always imagined caviar to be briny or salty or disturbingly crunchy, but this was delicious. I ate nearly the entire plate, even though we had two courses left to go.


The main course was a slow-cooked rack of lamb with vegetables. This was hands down our favorite dish of the evening. The lamb was tender and flavorful and the vegetables were perfectly crunchy and delicious. Again, I nearly cleaned my plate! The only thing that kept me from doing so was the knowledge that dessert was on the way.


Lastly for dessert we were served canolis (complete with gold, folks, because this is the Ritz) with orange marmalade and chocolate ice cream. Needless to say the dessert was incredibly decadent and another favorite of the night.


My evening spent tasting my way through Sardinia was overall amazing and it will undoubtedly remain the most luxurious dining experience I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a place in Riyadh to celebrate a special occasion, for a romantic night out, or of you’re just in the mood to splurge and treat yourself, Azzuro at The Ritz  is the place to be.


5 thoughts on “A Night at The Ritz

  1. The pictures say it all! The vivid pictures and befitting description makes our mouths water. Surely will wait for the right occasion to pamper ourselves with some of the goodies at the Azzuro. Thanks!

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