Might as well face it…

…I’m afraid of love.

Did I just date myself with an 80s song reference? Oh well.

Love terrifies me.

Love is scary because I know by now that it doesn’t last forever. It ebbs and flows in even the most secure and stable relationships, and I am not yet emotionally equipped to handle the natural ups and downs without the fear that love will leave and leave forever. I don’t yet know how to feel comfortable with love, or even the slightest hint of love, because I am so afraid of the hurt that comes when love is no longer around.

I don’t want to be afraid of love. It’s one of Life’s most incredible gifts. So I’m working, slowly and steadily, on fixing myself. On trusting. On being open. On accepting. On giving. On love.


5 thoughts on “Might as well face it…

  1. Fear of losing love is what makes us more insecure… get free of fear by loving thyself Mandi, and trust every decision you make. I am so very sure you can do it..you are much stronger that what you think…

  2. It’s very understandable. Growing up it was difficult to immagine falling for other people besides the person I liked at a time. I thought my feelings would be permanent when I came across a person I agreed we would someday wed, but that only had me learn the hard way that relationships require more than pure infatuation to stay together.

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